The Future of Google Glass and What it Means

It’s coming, whether you’re ready or not. The cyborg future. Hopefully not the kind depicted in Star Trek (The Borg collective) or  in your favorite sci-fi author’s books, but one that makes a better tomorrow for human life. Slowly, tech such as Google Glass are expected to merge closer with our biology in the coming years. We’ve already started to see the mind-controlled and now ‘touch-feeling’  prosthetic limbs emerge and it’s only getting better.

Google Glass 2

Google Glass 2

You may think of Google Glass as a novelty gadget, and maybe it is right now, but it will evolve. Version 2 of the Glass has recently been previewed and it’s a huge step up, not only in specifications, but in aesthetics. The search engine giant has also recently mentioned that they are currently testing a contact lens that detects glucose levels of the user.

That may not be the biggest news for the average person, but if you simply extrapolate the rate of evolution, we’re not far off from a advanced contact version of Glass. The device could hypothetically produce better than 20/20 vision, track our health and of course replace our smart-phone as Glass attempts to now. Now imagine the same type of progression in all other gadgets.  We will be able to extend our lives profoundly. Think of what implications a 24/7 full body health monitor would have. And don’t forget our Artificial Intelligence evolution thanks to quantum computing. A.I. will not only be driving us around as we’re starting to see with Google Cars – it’s expected to solve many of the worlds most perplexing problems.

Of course, this is all projections, hypothesis’, made by professionals much more intelligent than I. Obviously I buy in to a utopian future, and perhaps that is just mere optimism, but if you follow any tech or science blogs, you know that there is unthinkable, astounding technologies emerging daily. After all, what’s the counter to our long running proven progression of technology?

Well, there is some. If you listen to pessimistic or “realist” economist and or analysts, they’ll tell you that our finite sources our dwindling, that our economy is entering a collapse, and that our earth is beyond repair. I would like to think they’re simply crazy, but there is some data to back-up their depressing claims. The way I see it is it’s a race of tech versus human error and If I were a betting man, I’d bet on tech being our savior as we come on the brink of alleged destruction.