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Ronda Rousey NUDE UNCENSORED ESPN Pics leaked

ronda rousey nude nipple slip

Here are the Ronda Rousey nude pics from ESPN and Maxim’s annual special edition “Body Issue”, which originally hit news stands back on July 13, 2012. Since the revealing photos, Rousey has followed up with even more beautiful photos for various media companies. We have those as well here. As for the question to who’s the rumored Ronda Rousey boyfriend, he has recently came out and revealed who he is. Sadly, her love interest is a fellow UFC fighter that is currently facing assault charges from his (current) wife, with whom he has children with. Rousey has since told the media that it was out of self defense.

Rousey Update

The former champ has recently relinquished her title to the very talented former WBC boxing champ Holly Holm. Prior to Rousey’s loss, she was seen defeating Beth Correia via first round KO. Currently Rousey is serving a six month medical suspension, due to the head kick knockout she suffered  in her loss to Holm. It is also important to note that the six month suspension may be waived prior to the date with a doctor clearance. Whether Rousey will be willing to return to the octagon sooner than later is another question. Many analyst such as former UFC contender Kenny Florian has publicly stated that Rousey would need at least a year of improvements in her striking. Mainly kickboxing as Holm used distance and kicks to dethrone the former UFC champ.

EA Sports UFC – A Year in Review

No question about it. EA Sports dropped a bombshell on gamers and UFC fans when they dropped EA Sports UFC last year. The team has just teased a working alpha version of a improved version that is likely to be the predecessor to the fan favorite title. Featuring top stars both active and inactive (Chuck Liddell returns) in action. The company has been slowly leaking out photos of fighters weekly, but now we get a animated preview with creative director Brian Hayes, who also looks amazingly computer-generated as well.

Targeted for Spring 2016, EA Sports UFC is previewed on the newly minted next-gen consoles,  Xbox One and Playstation 4. Here’s what the guys over at EA let us know in their press release:

Las Vegas, Nev. – EA SPORTS™ UFC® kicks off 2016 with the first look at the future of sports video games. EA SPORTS UFC Gameplay Series: Next-Gen Fighters is a new video that spotlights how EA SPORTS UFC will bring the next-generation of videogame athletes to life by recreating the real-world athleticism, physiology and emotion of world-class fighters in ways never possible before. By leveraging the latest technology to capture and deliver the most true-to-life likeness and motion of each fighter, a new bar has been set. In the world of EA SPORTS UFC, Anthony Pettis has his swagger, Georges St-Pierre respects the opposition and Jon Jones really gets to be Jon Jones. Watch all these athletes come to life in EA SPORTS UFC Gameplay Series: Next-Gen Fighters now.

EA SPORTS UFC Gameplay Series is a collection of developer videos that go deep into the core features of EA SPORTS UFC with brand new gameplay details and all-new in-game footage. Be on the lookout for more videos in the coming weeks that explore dynamic striking, submission battles, living world, and much more.

EA SPORTS UFC is in development at EA Canada in Vancouver and will be available for the PlayStation® 4 computer entertainment system and Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft. The game has not yet been rated by the ESRB and PEGI; visit and for more information. Become a fan of EA SPORTS UFC on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter via

Will make sure to keep you posted as more info comes to us on the highly anticipated video game.

The Future of Google Glass and What it Means

It’s coming, whether you’re ready or not. The cyborg future. Hopefully not the kind depicted in Star Trek (The Borg collective) or  in your favorite sci-fi author’s books, but one that makes a better tomorrow for human life. Slowly, tech such as Google Glass are expected to merge closer with our biology in the coming years. We’ve already started to see the mind-controlled and now ‘touch-feeling’  prosthetic limbs emerge and it’s only getting better.

Google Glass 2

Google Glass 2

You may think of Google Glass as a novelty gadget, and maybe it is right now, but it will evolve. Version 2 of the Glass has recently been previewed and it’s a huge step up, not only in specifications, but in aesthetics. The search engine giant has also recently mentioned that they are currently testing a contact lens that detects glucose levels of the user.

That may not be the biggest news for the average person, but if you simply extrapolate the rate of evolution, we’re not far off from a advanced contact version of Glass. The device could hypothetically produce better than 20/20 vision, track our health and of course replace our smart-phone as Glass attempts to now. Now imagine the same type of progression in all other gadgets.  We will be able to extend our lives profoundly. Think of what implications a 24/7 full body health monitor would have. And don’t forget our Artificial Intelligence evolution thanks to quantum computing. A.I. will not only be driving us around as we’re starting to see with Google Cars – it’s expected to solve many of the worlds most perplexing problems.

Of course, this is all projections, hypothesis’, made by professionals much more intelligent than I. Obviously I buy in to a utopian future, and perhaps that is just mere optimism, but if you follow any tech or science blogs, you know that there is unthinkable, astounding technologies emerging daily. After all, what’s the counter to our long running proven progression of technology?

Well, there is some. If you listen to pessimistic or “realist” economist and or analysts, they’ll tell you that our finite sources our dwindling, that our economy is entering a collapse, and that our earth is beyond repair. I would like to think they’re simply crazy, but there is some data to back-up their depressing claims. The way I see it is it’s a race of tech versus human error and If I were a betting man, I’d bet on tech being our savior as we come on the brink of alleged destruction.

Should I buy an Xbox One Now? Here’s what you should know

Console wars are entertainingly nasty.  We flame each other in forums and comments over the choice someone else made with THEIR money. If you haven’t seen the finale of South Park, they really nailed the trivial PS4 vs. Xbox One wars. Don’t get me wrong, I do understand the logic behind defending such a huge investment in a console – especially with the Xbox One. I took that $600 ($499 console + tax + one game) plunge and it was not an easy decision. I’ll admit, I even sometimes question if I made a $600 mistake. Here’s what I’ve found in my breakdown, which I hope helps you make an intelligent decision.

The Hardware: You’ll hear conflicting reports on who has the faster console, but truth be told, they are faster in different aspects. Most will agree however that with all things considered, Sony has the slight edge again in overall hardware. I wouldn’t let that be a deciding factor though. In the end it comes down to the developers use of the technology. Despite the PS3 having better hardware specs than the 360, statistics showed that renderings were better on Xbox 360 with majority of cross-platform games.

Ryse GraphicsEntertainment: In my opinion this is what matters the most. Do you enjoy your console? Moving from the 360 to One, I felt that I enjoyed the older console more. Why? Possibly because of the lack of my favorite titles and small list of products in the store currently. Obviously that’ll change, but for now I have to enjoy what I have. The games I do have are really fun (RYSE, COD Ghost, DR3), but I’ll be coming to the end of them soon.

Really the Xbox One is made to be enjoyed with their integrated television watching experience. Instead it angered me because “One” does not support my lone service provider in my area (COX sucks!), like it does say Verizon Fios TV. You can plug any external box into the Xbox One, but it doesn’t do anything, other than launch it. I ended up running the Cox cable box on its own to save the electricity of running both.

Cost: $599 is not cheap. Microsoft forces the Kinect down your throat to justify it’s extra $100 charge over the competitor. Whether you’re in to the new camera and voice recognition or not, it’s a bundled deal for now. Reports have surfaced that Microsoft will be releasing a lite version of the Xbox One that reduces the price, to compete with the Playstation 4.

“Microsoft will be releasing a lite version of the Xbox One that reduces the price.”

Exclusives: Titles like RYSE, Forza and Dead Rising 3 can only be found on Xbox One. Just as games like InFamous and Resistance can only be found on PS4. It comes down to taste whether you like this or that. If the past tells us anything, it says Microsoft will pay publishers for more exclusive content in the long run. And if you do have a good cable provider that is supported by Xbox One, then you’ll likely enjoy that television integration with Xbox One, which Sony does not offer.


The Playstation 4 is the obvious choice for the economic gamer. However, if you’re a big Xbox Live user and or user of premium cable providers like Fios, AND you have the extra hundred to hand over, then you’ll enjoy Xbox One. That’s a lot of ifs, and even though I don’t fit in all categories, the fact is I enjoy the exclusive titles and the familiarity. I am very happy with my Xbox One. The graphics are mind-blowing, the speed (except when installing/updating) is awesome, and besides, most of my friends and family are still on Xbox Live. That’s probably where they have most of us stuck.

NFL’s “Tax-Exemption” Status Brings Suspicion of Foul Play

NFL — The most lucrative sports brand in the world today. Reporting $9.5 billion dollars in revenue for 2012 (and climbing), the popular brand is somehow exempt as a “not-for-profit organization.” The last time the company payed taxes, it was 1966. Odd, especially when considering that the NFL’s commissioner Roger Goodell receives a $30 million dollar salary per year.

The NFL has made some efforts to uphold their status legitimacy. According to The Center for Responsive Politics, since 1992 they have spent $2 million in charitable contributions. In contrast, they spent $12.7 million on lobbying efforts since 1997.

As the news spreads on the exemption status, there has been an uproar of questions, which has pushed senators to call to question the legitimacy of the status. Thanks to Oklahoma Republican Sen. Tom Coburn, new legislation has been introduced, offering to put a stop to the exemption. The suggested law basically caps the exemption (501(c)(6)) to companies with revenue over $10 million. If passed, it would put a stop to many top ‘organizations’ like the NFL, NHL and the PGA who save an estimated 30% of their revenue from taxation annually.

Coburn: “Americans are paying artificially high rates in order to subsidize special breaks for sports leagues. This is hardly fair. This bill would require major professional sports leagues to be prohibited from qualifying as non-profit organizations under the tax code.

This would help give all Americans, not just athletes and owners, a break and pave the way for the kind of tax reform and job creation our economy desperately needs.”

A perfect example of what the power of spread knowledge can do. Keep an eye on the pending bill. If the NFL and other large ‘organizations’ are going to have the power to lobby to not pay a large sum of taxes, then how can they expect the people to pick-up their slack? After all, your taxes also pay for those hefty stadiums which the organizations profit from.

You’re missing out on the Showtime Series “Gigolos”

When I’m asked what my favorite television shows are, one that usually bewilders is when I exclaim Showtime’s “Gigolos.”  As you’d imagine, the premise is based off five gigolos (yes, man whores) in the backdrop of Lust Vegas. Women pay an absorbent amount to have sex with these upscale male escorts, as they make a financial killing. If that alone is not enough to titillate your senses, let me further expand on why Gigolos will become your new favorite guilty pleasure.

Originality: The show is refreshing in the fact that the lifestyle of a Gigolo is truly unique. Constant upkeep of physical appearance with workouts in jiu-jitsu and high-fashion shopping in beautiful Vegas. Oh, and there’s also the shopping of sex costumes and toys for clients. Not many can say that is part of the description of the day-job. You also get a look from the female clients perspective. Usually the message conveyed is that the Gigolos are doing these women a service that truly improves their lives. The most used line in the show from women:

I’m too busy with my job to find a man and he makes me feel beautiful.”

 Production: Nothing special in the design and effects of the show, but the backdrop of Vegas is intriguing enough. The short story lines make it easy to jump in the show at any point, even as it enters the fifth season.

The Cast: Plenty of character to go around. Each Gigolo naturally has a specific desirable look for the clients. There’s of course the popular bad boy white rapper, the mature veteran, the light-skinned black dude,  the feminist hippie and the young and muscle-bound former Army man.

Entertainment Value: The show is not perfect, but it is entertaining majority of the time. Like most premium shows, there is full-frontal (weird idiom) nudity and sex to keep it interesting. The clients aren’t usually the most attractive women, giving an amateur porn feel. The clients also usually have some interesting sexual fantasies. From having sex in front of their husband, to pretending to sleep, to furry fandom sex. It’s hard to look away. Not for the prude.

 Availability: It’s not easy to catch Gigolos. Probably due to the sexual content. The show airs late on Thursday nights on Showtime. Yes, that means you need to have a subscription to Showtime, but with that subscription comes the possibility to watch the show anytime online via the Showtime App or on the website.

With all that considered, hopefully you at least give the show a try. Here’s the link to the official site, with more info. I am in no way associated with the show in case you conspiracy types ask. Honestly, I’ve been trying to watch as little television as possible. I’m proudly down to four shows for now (Kroll Show, The Walking Dead, Workaholics, Gigolos), until others start-up.

The Real 2013 Rap Album of the Year: Hopsin “Knock Madness”

When Macklemore took home the award for 2013 album of the year at the Grammy’s, many Rap fans were quick to call a robbery. After all, Kendrick Lamar came on the scene with ferocious lyrics, gaining a massive following. What people should know however is it comes down to sales. Macklemore took the award with his massive sales, thanks to his ability to transcend the rap genre. It’s no secret that like rapper Eminem his appearance appealed to a broader audience. And unlike Marshall, Macklemore hits more of the Pop audience as well. Regardless, I’m here to tell you why neither man would have been chosen if it was based on the heart of Hip-Hop — skills.

“If talent was measured, Hopsin would of been the 2013 hip-hop album Of The Year with his album Knock Madness. “

Following up from his 2010 album hit “RAW, ” the artist known as Hopsin makes his long awaited return with vengeance in “Knock Madness.” An accurate description of Hopsin’s rap style is dark, gritty, controversial, clever and introspective. If you’re a fan of artist such a Eminem, Tyler the Creator and The Game, then Hopsin is likely an artist you’ll enjoy.

If you’re not aware,  the formerly underground rapper has been around for some time. Sadly, the talent only holds four album releases, which is due to his feud with past label Ruthless Records. Hopsin repeatedly drops bars, airing out laundry on the label throughout both RAW and Knock Madness in hopes of warning off any other artists considering signing with the label. Ruthless, founded by the late Eazy-E today it is simply a long list of former artist that have since departed. Talks of a possible upcoming N.W.A. movie is expected to generate some income for the label, which is now owned by the widow of Eazy-E.

Perhaps a blessing in disguise. Hopsin’s long running struggles, as well as gained connections with fellow upcoming talent such as Tech N9ne seems to have created a masterpiece. Hopsin’s controversial trash talk of  top-selling hip-hop artist like Kanye West and Lil Wayne bleeds through the speakers with fury. There’s no doubt that there is true spite in his words. Reminiscent of the original Marshal Mathers LP, we also have a dark and very personal story unraveling in most tracks, followed by easy going tracks like “Lunchtime Cypher.”

The album is one that I find perfect for the gym and even other times. Good for adrenaline rushes, but not the best ‘chill track’ to listen to prior to going to bed. As I mentioned prior, if you’re a fan of hardcore rap, you’re a fan of Hopsin. Download the album on iTunes and let us know what you think below.